A top-down shooter where you can only use  one tool at a time (the one button input and one arena turned out to be happy accidents).

Its also our first game we actually (kinda) finished! Yay!

Click to shoot and move. Replace your weapons. Crush your enemies.

v1.1 changelog:

- Added a soundtrack!

- All weapons and enemies are now faster

- Some weapons were rebalanced (including the jetpack, which is now actually useful)

- Player friction was slightly decreased (you now slide more)

- Pause and/or Quit (just press 'escape')

- Some extra animations added

- Fixed many, many bugs (sometimes you might not even notice while playing!)


TekkTomb64.zip 26 MB
TekkTomb86.zip 23 MB
TekkTomb.apk 32 MB

Development log

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